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Catback Exhaust for EVO X

Catback Exhaust for EVO X

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TR direct bolt-on catback exhaust system for Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X is styles with dual-tip stock look, designed to improve horsepower, torque and overall performance. The catback is TIG welded and made up of 100% SUS304 material with fully polished finish. It has 3-inch piping throughout the entire catback system with 0.1-inch pipe wall thickness and 0.39-inch of quality flanges. The catback also comes with detachable silencers. Each catback is backed with 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Contents of Kit:
• Dual-tip Exhaust
• Catback Exhaust
• Straight Pipe
• Silencers
• Gaskets
• Bolts & Nuts