The art of Forced Induction

Introducing Our Latest Manufacturing Representative, Horacio Antonielli

Since his years at A.C. Nielsen (today the Nielsen Corp.) in Buenos Aires (his native city) Horacio and marketing became inseparable.

Once in the States, in 1990 Horacio got into the Subaru business.  For fourteen year, Horacio thrived within the dealership world in different capacities: parts, service, general management, business development, etc.  But his passion for marketing took him into the realm of high-performance; which in the late 1990s was a non-existent niche market for Subaru.  The success exceeds the US border.

After managing the US branch of Prodrive UK he started his own operation, heavily involved with the high performance market supporting local and foreign parts manufacturers always nurturing the automotive personalization segment around Subaru and beyond..