1. TR | MOTUL Goes to Subiefest Florida 2022

    Florida happens to be a very emerging market for TR with a great following of fans, users and people excited to learn more about the TR | Motul partnership!

    We had a very successful set up with another great showing of TR and Motul Powered cars on display and exhibited the best products that both brands offer! 

    Showing off all things Motul we brought the best products that Subaru owners would use! Featuring some 300V, RBF, 8100 series and Gear 300 these are all products that focus on the high performance ability that Subarus offer and can use! 

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  2. TR | Motul goes to Subiefest California!
    Subiefest California 2022 NOS Center  September 18th, 2022 Tomioka Racing and Motul USA are returning for the 3rd Subiefest of the year. Out of al...
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  3. Starting 2022 Summer off With a Subaru Wicked Big Meet!
    TR and Motul participated in the Subaru only Wicked Big Meet this summer
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  4. Tomioka Racing goes to Elite tuner with Motul
    Tomioka Racing and Motul USA team up to go to Elite Tuner 2022 this year. Set as the Title sponsor TR| Motul was showcased to show new turbos, as well as Motul products!
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  5. Have you thought about the Banjo Bolt in your EJ motor?
    The Banjo Bolt is a crucial part of your turbo and your EJ Motor. It supplies oil to your turbo from your motor. Within the Banjo Bolt there is a small filter that often gets overlooked and forgotten. You need to change this bolt filter out often enough to keep your turbo fed fresh and clean oil
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  6. Motul oil is now the official oil of Tomioka Racing
    Tomioka Racing has partnered with Motul oil to become the official oil of Tomioka Racing!
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  7. Increase Power on Volkswagen MK7 Golf GTi / Golf R with Turbo Upgrade  !
    The best turbocharger for Volkswagen MK7 Golf platform now offers 475, 600 and 675 HP to choose from. There are three powerful bolt-on turbocharger options available for VW and Audi vehicles that will take your speeds to the next level.
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  8. TR Attends SRO Winter Invitational at The Thermal Club
      “An all-inclusive private destination for the distinguished motorsport enthusiast.” Beginning with a 1.8-mile racing course, The Thermal Club wa...
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  9. 2017 Stock Engine VW Golf R with IHX675 Turbo reaches 10.8 seconds in Quarter Mile Drag !
    The largest of the IHX series turbo from Tomioka Racing powers this factory engine of 2017 VW Golf R to 10 seconds on the quarter mile drag strip in Canada.
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  10. IHX475 - 475HP Turbo For Volkswagen MK7 / Audi S3 MQB EA888 Platform

    IHX475 is the entry level turbo for the Volkswagen MK7 GTi & Golf R and also applicable to other vehicle within the Volkswagen & Audi Group with MQB EA888 platform. Today, it is the most popular entry level size turbo among installers and tuners around the world and it is currently on its 4th generation. The IHX475 is designed to achieve 475 engine horsepower with proper supporting modifications to the vehicle.

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  11. Throwback to SEMA 2011
    During SEMA 2011 a very special Subaru build was featured during the show. We were proud to showcase various TR products on the fully built 2004 Su...
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  12. Tomioka Racing Attends the 2013 Subiefest
    TR at the 2013 Subiefest in Fontana, CA September 19, 2013 - Tomioka Racing was very proud to attend this year's Subiefest held at the AAA Speedway...
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