TR | Motul goes to Subiefest California!

TR | Motul goes to Subiefest California!

by Anthony Unger

Subiefest California 2022

NOS Center 

September 18th, 2022

Tomioka Racing and Motul USA are returning for the 3rd Subiefest of the year. Out of all six events that Subiefest was hosting, this was held locally at NOS Event Center in San Bernardino.

Being the only local Subiefest event for our two brands we knew we had to have one of the largest and most outfitted setups to leave a lasting impression to all Motul and TR fans.


With the help of Eric Park from Motul USA, we gathered all of Motul goodies that we could to show off the support that Motul has with all of Subaru enthusiasts. Some of the awesome displays were the Motul oil drums, bright red Motul 10x20 tent, Motul director’s chairs and Motul decals for everyone that came by to visit the booth!


This was by far the best show that we have attended in this series so far. With well over 3000+ attendees, Subiefest California has the largest attendance, the best location and set up for all of the events we have attended. With over 50+ vendors and brands showcasing their respective products, our two 10X20 tents put down the largest footprint in the show with 4 booth cars that were equipped with TR turbochargers and Motul fluid. Together at Subiefest California, we finally had the purest TR | Motul showcase.

Motul booth with Subaru STI

TR was the only Turbo brand at the event with other vendors representing other turbochargers. To have direct contact with turbo manufacturer to answer technical questions and help customers learn about our technical partnership with Motul shows that we are in full support of all things Subaru to the community. 

There was only one other oil brand at the show, but when it came down to presence and lay out, Motul was well represented, fully capable and knowledgeable of showing what Subaru loves! We had Bucky Lasek stop by to give shoutouts to Motul and to say hello to some fans hanging at the booth. It was a quick hello but still made the difference in ensuring that Motul is used by the best on the racecourse! With the products on hand to sell and our knowledge in personally using Motul products, it gives credence and confidence when we communicate with customers on applications and the differences in each of the engine oil products. With a full line of 8100 5W30, 5W40 and 0W20 to the New 300V series, MoCool  and brake fluids line-ups, we answered all of customers’ inquiries. 

Travis Pastrana STI
The TR | Motul Autocross series was a success with over 40+ competitors in a wide range of Subaru powered cars from RWD to fully built AWD STI’s and even this classic Kei truck that competed!
TR Motul Autocross car

The booth location and support that we received was tremendous! Our location was directly in front of Subaru America and right in front of the entrance of the whole facility, TR | Motul was everyone's first stop to see how the show started! 

Subaru line up
We were happy to see multiple Motul and TR powered cars at Subiefest California with vendors showcasing Motul products and with brands showcasing booth cars that are running TR turbos and TR turbo inlets.
Lifted Subaru WRX
It is safe to say that this event has been the best in attendance as well as presentation that we have had so far!  It was a success in every aspect and we are looking forward to the next Subiefest in Daytona, Florida!
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