TR | MOTUL Goes to Subiefest Florida 2022

TR | MOTUL Goes to Subiefest Florida 2022

by Anthony Unger

The final event in the Subiefest series of traveling Subaru based car shows!

Being held at the famous Daytona Speedway in Daytona Beach this event catered to all the southern east coast Subaru fans! 

With an attendance of over 3400 people this made the top 4 largest Subiefest event this year. Which is perfect because that adds to the reason why we chose the largest 4 events to attend.

TR Motul booth at Subiefest Florida

Florida happens to be a very emerging market for TR with a great following of fans, users and people excited to learn more about the TR | Motul partnership!

We had a very successful set up with another great showing of TR and Motul Powered cars on display and exhibited the best products that both brands offer!

Showing off all things Motul we brought the best products that Subaru owners would use! Featuring some 300V, RBF, 8100 series and Gear 300 these are all products that focus on the high performance ability that Subarus offer and can use! 

With the help of Eric and the Motul design team we were happy to give away some Motul products such as air fresheners, key chains, stickers and pamphlets of Motul products that are also available. With our display it brought in a lot of fans that knew about the brand and also wanted to learn more about why Motul is the best oil on the market for a Subaru!

Again like every show so far, we sponsored the Autocross! And this was a great turn out! With over 30 cars on grid the Auto cross was the most popular thing to watch! With the way the whole event was set up everyone could easily see the auto cross happening as it was right next to our booth! 

A little extra special is we had a TR | Motul powered car in the Auto X too!

For this event we had an extra special car attend, this is the original 2004 HPI racing STI that competed originally in Japan! Our close friend Olympic Motorsport in Boca raton FL purchased this car over 2 years ago and rebuilt it to its former glory! We are sponsoring it this coming season in the HSR vintage race series and it will be competing using a TR GTX2971 Twin scroll turbo as well as fed with all Motul oil! 

For this event we were allowed to have it go around the course and show off its ability! And it did well! Making 450WHP this classic JDM racecar stole the show! With it starting in the booth to warm up and prep we had a crowd around it waiting for it to get on track!

Bucky Lasek was there as well again bringing a crowd by the booth and had to check out the HPI car! He was asking the owner/driver about the car and getting facts on everything about it! 

As always we had a great show with a lot of great fans that came by and learned everything they could! 

With the end of the season we are very happy and proud of how this show turned out for both of our brands! Being able to support Motul and offer the great products that both of our brands offer is the best thing we could have done! And the support we get from the team at Motul USA has been nothing short of amazing! 

Thank you again for the opportunity to showcase our partnership and we are excited for next year and the years to come! 

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