Motul oil is now the official oil of Tomioka Racing

Motul oil is now the official oil of Tomioka Racing

by Tomioka Racing
Tomioka Racing Motul official oil

OEM plus is a style of aftermarket parts that doesn't stray far from custom to OEM styling.

Tomioka racing has always lived by this style of aftermarket in creating a 100% Bolt on turbo systems for Japanese and European tuner cars. From their start in 2006 TR has been the name for Subaru and EVO turbo upgrades and replacements. Choosing only one oil for testing and 

installations, TR has been working with 

Motul oil for over 10 years perfecting their systems with consistency. 

Tomioka Racing Supra A90 Motul oil

TR is a team of engineers that pride themselves in creating products that can perform every time with consistency. A wide customer base has given TR a foot in the door with different car enthusiasts. From JDM to Euro Tomioka Racing can cater to popular cars on the market. 

Being the perfectors that they are, TR only creates with the best tooling and materials available. 

From testing on the track, gravel fire roads , streets and airstrips  TR can only use the best products in their cars. Utilizing Motul oil in all of their testing and applications they have held the same idealistic opinion of quality and reliability, the partnership has been growing and prospering for over 10 years. 

VW MK7 Golf GTI Golf R 300V
BMW N55 Turbo Motul

Edwin Tang “CEO at Tomioka Racing” “When TR builds products we don't just put it out there on the market and hope it goes well. We purchase the car in mind, we test and push the stock turbo and components to the limit. Learning how to better the car in a way that doesn't disturb the manufacturer's creation. When we are happy with that we install our turbo and learn again. Learning from both sides gives us a good insight on how our clients will treat the turbo and can expect to have the same results every time.”

When consistency is a huge part of the company M.O, using the best lubricant is key to be confident that you will see the same results every time. Motul oil has created a wide range of lubricants that cater to the same clientele that purchases a TR turbo. Taking advantage of the Motul oil 300V Line of products to reduce internal friction between the turbo and the motor, it is an important part of building a car to be pushed to the limits on a track. 

But not everyone will be on the track, that's where the most adaptable line comes in, the 8100 series. Subaru fans love Motul 8100 Eco lite for their motors where BMW owners love the Eco-nergy for its cooling factors.  

TR Supra Drifting Motul Oil
TR BMW on Track With Motul Oil
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