Have you thought about the Banjo Bolt in your EJ motor?

Have you thought about the Banjo Bolt in your EJ motor?

by Gwen Leong
Tomioka racing GTX3971

The Little Bolt That Could

An oil feed line in your EJ that utilizes a bolt filter

Older and newer Subarus are becoming more common to new owners or previous owners wanting a new fun project car. Are you in the market for an older with Subaru? Maybe an STI or a WRX. Well chances are they might have an EJ motor in then. This was the most common motor available for a wide range of years across almost every generation. Learn about one of the most overlooked maintenance pieces on it! 


The Banjo Bolt filter exposed

The Banjo Bolt, This is a small but important piece of your turbo. With the function of holding down lines but also to filter oil that is being processed to your turbo. This is the main oil feed line that goes directly into your turbo. It is a very important part of your turbo to keep your car running at the most optimized

An In-depth view of the Banjo Bolt

Banjo Bolt with filter taken out
Banjo Bolt installed in oil line

The best time to replace the Banjo bolt is during a turbo replacement. Because of the severity and the necessity of the bolt to keep oil flow consistent its easiest to check and replace while the turbo is out and there is no oil in the motor or lines. 

Banjo Bolt warranty
$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds