Tomioka Racing goes to Elite tuner with Motul

Tomioka Racing goes to Elite tuner with Motul

by Gwen Leong
4 Cars 2 Tents and 2 Brands

Tomioka Racing and Motul USA Attend Elite Tuner

March 19, 2022 Tomioka Racing and Motul USA attended Elite Tuner at Irwindale Speedway as the title sponsor. Showcasing the collaboration of the two brands, TR and Motul showcased new products as well as how our two brands are working together for the 2022 year!

Tomioka Racing showcasing turbos and our sponsored cars

Tomioka Racing booth set up

Being the title sponsor Tomioka Racing and Motul USA had the largest footprint at the show directly right next to the stage.  Showing off our top of the line turbos we brought with us as well as the cars that these turbos are installed into! With over 200 cars at the show TR/ Motul had a very strong presence

Turbo powered Scion FRS
HAHAHnancyy Pink GTR

The attendance had a wide variety of cars. From cars that were trailered in and are not street legal to cars that were built for shows and events and daily drivers that they modded to love and enjoy. Our Tomioka Racing/ Motul team had a mix of that. All of our cars are driven on the street made to be street legal, however our STI and Supra were both pushing well over the stock horsepower numbers.

Motul USA booth and STI

The Burn Out Pit and some local die cast vendors

370Z doing a burn out
Diecast car vendors

Irwindale Speedway has a very large facility to host over 500+ cars as well as vendors, shows and attendees. Tomioka Racing and Motul USA were the only performance brands at the event. But don't think that doesn't  mean the show didn't have the events and vendors to entertain! 

Towards the end of the night all the attendees migrated towards what is called the burnout box. This is a 100X100 Foot box with barriers between the cars and the crowd for protection. Within the burnout box drivers can do what they want. If it be drifting, burnouts, revving or just showing off their car the venue will allow it in a safe environment.

With vendors offering a wide range of products and goods, there was everything for someone who attended!

We are very happy to team up with Motul for this event and look forward to more great events!

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