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VF-54 Turbo for 2010 Subaru Legacy

Six Star Motorsports in windy city Chicago are the first to test out the infamous VF 54 turbo on the dyno after installing it into their 2010 Subaru Legacy GT. Here we have both (before and after) dyno charts sent to us after tuning. As Swav (Six Star Motorsports employee) stated, "this little turbo loves to make power", we encourage you turbo lovers to visit our website and purchase your VF 54 today!


  • vf-54 turbo legacy
  • vf-54 turbo legacy
  • vf-54 turbo legacy
  • vf-54 turbo legacy
  • - Racer X TMIC and Charge pipe.
  • - DW65c fuel pump
  • - Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
  • - Invidia catless exhaust
  • - Invidia Q300 axle back exhaust
  • - Exedy stage 1 clutch (not holding this new found power need to find something else soon)
  • - EBCS 3 port
  • - Cobb V3 AP
  • - Gangster Tuned for E85
  • - 22mm rear sway bar
  • - Fortune auto 500 coilovers (waiting on install)
  • - Custom 18 wheels with Nitto Invio tires

Modifications: (2010 Subaru Legacy)


  • VF-54 Turbo Subaru Legacy Tuning
  • VF-54 Subaru Legacy Turbo