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Billet Wheel GT30 Ball Bearing Turbo

Billet Wheel GT30 Ball Bearing Turbo


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Introducing Tomioka Racing Billet Wheel Ball Bearing turbo series. The ball bearing turbocharger utilizes genuine Garrett ball bearing technology. Tomioka Racing’s Billet compressor wheel improves air flow by at least 10% and the smallest of the ball bearing turbo is perfect for 4-Cylinder applications and those looking for quick response. Coupled with Tomioka Racing’s stainless steel turbine housing, this ball bearing turbo is made for quick spool and improved top-end power compared to standard wheel. Choose from many configurations on the stainless turbine housing from T3 inlets to 3-Inch V-Band and 0.63AR to 1.06AR. The stainless steel turbine housing is also available separately for those who intend to run GTX30 or GTX35 turbocharger.

See this kit in action at PRE Racing Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS turbo kit set up here !

Turbo Characteristics
Bearing Type: Ball
Flange Type: T3 or V-Band
Actuator: External
Turbine Housing: 0.63/ 0.82 / 1.06 AR
Max. Power: 620 HP

Kit Contents
• Turbocharger
• Gaskets
• Hardware kits