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Hybrid VF54 Turbo for 2010 Subaru Legacy GT

Hybrid VF54 Turbo for 2010 Subaru Legacy GT


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Tomioka Racing Hybrid VF54 Turbo is our newest line of turbo for the 2010 Subaru Legacy GT. This turbo is designed with performance in mind for the Subaru bottom mount turbo set -up. This turbo features a TD05-20G custom billet compressor wheel and upgraded steel wastegate actuator to maintain boost and increase power. IN addition, the hybrid turbo housings are machined to increase ow compared to the factory housing Legacy turbo. The turbo comes with the turbo oil pan to keep the turbo fully lubricated. This hybrid VF54 will turn your BM/BR Legacy GT in to a racing power house!

Check out the available video and dyno graph on this turbo.

Turbo Characteristics

Bearing Type: Journal
Flange Type: Standard Legacy 2010
Compressor Wheel In: 52.5 mm
Ex: 68 mm

Turbine Wheel

In: 55.8 mm
Ex: 49.2 mm
Actuator: 1 Bar / 14 psi
Max. Power: 450 HP


Kit Contents
• Turbocharger
• Lines