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Mitsubishi Evolution X Engine & Transmission Mount Kit

Mitsubishi Evolution X Engine & Transmission Mount Kit


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The TR engine and transmission mount kit offers all the best qualities of upgraded mounts with none of the disadvantages. It offers a strong steel shell design with upgraded rubber bushings at 76-durometer widely used in the FIA Group N rally engine mounts instead of polyurethane to avoid unnecessary vibration into the vehicle. This design helps prevent engine and transmission movement on acceleration and deceleration to make handling more consistent and predictable without sacrificing day to day drivability. TR engine mount set is pre-assembled with all the necessary brackets to make it a direct bolt on for all 5-Speed Evolution X.


Product Highlights

Dense Hard Rubber Insert
Solid Heavy Duty Steel Construction and Design. Up to 20% thicker than Factory Steel
Less Vibration than Polyurethane*
Thick Steel Bushing. Up to 87% thicker than Factory bushing
Structural Improvement over Factory
Over 7% Weight Reduction in the whole kit
Improve Shifting & Elminate Engine and Transmission Sways


Why Heavy Duty Steel over Aluminum ?

Heavy duty steel is used in the construction of the engine and transmission mount to strike a balance between weight to strength and stiffness. Stiffness is defined as the point before a material bends. Heavy duty steel has higher elasticity coefficient compared to Aluminum which makes it use less materials to achieve the same high level of stiffness.



Kit Contents

Engine Mount x 1
Transmission Mount x 3


*Some vibrations may be noticeable.