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Premium Mitsubishi 4B11 2.2L Stroker Kit

Premium Mitsubishi 4B11 2.2L Stroker Kit


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Gain horsepower and torque through displacement using factory 4B11 engine block! Tomioka Racing 2.2 Liter Premium Stroker Kit for 4B11 series engine is built with the quality features and the latest technology in coating options to ensure the dependability that comes from every TR product. TR uses competition grade components from forged 2618 aluminum pistons, forged 4340 rods, and billet crankshaft chosen specically to oer the durability to handle high horsepower demands. When coupled with our competition series bearings it makes TR Stroker Kit is the ultimate option in 4B11 engine upgrades!

Stroker Kit Characteristics

Compression Ratio : 9.0 : 1
Stroke : 94 mm
Rod Length : 143.66 mm
Crankshaft : Billet
Piston : Forged
Bearings : Race

Stroker Kit Specifications

Part Number
Bore Size
Over Size
Rod Length
Compression Distance
Compression Ratio
94 mm
86.0 mm
143.66 mm
29.33 mm
9.0 : 1
94 mm
86.5 mm
+ 0.5 mm
143.66 mm
29.33 mm
9.0 : 1

Kit Contents

Billet Crankshaft
H-Beam Connecting Rod Set
Forged Piston Set
Race Main Bearings Set
Race Conrod Bearings Set