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Stainless Steel Turbine Housing For GT3076 / GTX3076

Stainless Steel Turbine Housing For GT3076 / GTX3076


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Tomioka Racing lightweight stainless turbine housing offers superior flow of exhaust gas than the cast iron housing resulting in better performance and efficiency. The lightweight stainless steel turbine housing is available in different A/R configurations to suit your turbocharging needs. It also comes in various inlet and outlet type from T3 inlet with V-band outlet or V-band inlet and outlet. Tomioka Racing stainless steel turbine housing are compatible with the popular Garret based GT3076 and GTX3076. Included in each stainless steel turbine housing package are bolts, brackets, extra flanges and gasket.



Stainless Steel Construction
Improved Exhaust Gas Flow
V-Band Flange
Smooth Housing Interior
Significant Weight Reduction Over Cast Iron

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T3 Inlet & V-Band Outlet 1, T3 Inlet & V-Band Outlet 2, T3 Inlet & V-Band Outlet 3

V-Band Inlet & Outlet 1, V-Band Inlet & Outlet 2, V-Band Inlet & Outlet 3