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TD06-20G Turbo for Evolution Lancer 4-9

TD06-20G Turbo for Evolution Lancer 4-9


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The TR TD06-20G for the Mitsubishi EVO Lancer one of the largest bolt on turbo you can get! This turbo features a larger exhaust housing 10.5CM² and increased wheel size to deliver a whooping 500 HP turbo capacity. Whether if you are looking for a high performance street turbo or a one built for the track this turbo does it all!

Check out the available video and dyno graph on this turbo.

Turbo Characteristics

Bearing Type: Journal
Compressor Wheel In: 52.5 mm
Ex: 68 mm

Turbine Wheel

In: 61 mm
Ex: 54 mm
Actuator: 0.8 Bar / 12 psi
Turbine Housing: 10.5 cm2
Max. Power: 500 HP

Kit Contents
• Turbocharger
• Actuator
• Oil Pipe
• Water Pipe
• Gaskets
• Hardware kits