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Tomioka Racing Sigma Billet Wheel Turbo for Mitsubishi EVO


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Tomioka Racing Sigma turbo for Mitsubishi Evolution X now comes in Billet compressor wheel! The billet compressor wheel guarantees more flow than the standard compressor wheel and delivers more power capacity for the turbo. This turbo is designed for mid to high power band and great for street and track applications. The turbo still features the larger 3-inch inlet for higher and optimum air fl­ow. The turbine housing comes fully ported and polished for even faster fl­ow! The turbo includes an upgraded billet internal wastegate actuator with high pressure spring for maximum performance and quality above all else!

Turbo Characteristics

Bearing Type: Journal
Compressor Wheel In: 61.4 mm
Ex: 82 mm

Turbine Wheel

In: 67.1 mm
Ex: 58.8 mm
Actuator: 1.5 Bar / 21 psi
Turbine Housing: 12 cm2
Max. Power: 600 HP

Kit Contents
• Turbocharger
• Actuator
• Oil Pipe
• Water Pipe
• Gaskets
• Hardware kits