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TR-B600 Lightweight Battery

TR-B600 Lightweight Battery


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TR Battery features dual mounting solutions which offer the flexibility to be mounted vertically or horizontally. It uses the Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology to increase specific power and ride quality. Each battery is shipped with quality SAE brass terminals, with stainless steel terminal threads, to distribute high amperage for high stress racing use and audio applications. The battery has Leak-proof pressurized system design is to ensure safety and longer battery life. In addition, TR batteries have sealed, valve-regulated, maintenance-free design to eliminate damage from acid spills and corrosion. All TR batteries are 100% recyclable. For quality assurance, TR battery is backed with 2-year warranty.

Weight: 6.4lbs / 2.9Kg
Product Dimension: 5.9 Inches / 150mm x 3.5 inches / 99mm x 4.2 inches / 107mm
Voltage: 12
Full Charge Voltage: 13.8
CCA: 210
Capacity: 8 Amps/Hour @ 10AH Rating